Just a Sampling of what to see on Orkney

I am a keen photographer and all images are ones that I have taken while roaming throughout Orkney.

Here is a small sampling of the natural treasures of Orkney, that I have photographed over the years.

North Shore, Birsay-2.jpg

North Shore, Birsay

On the west coast of the Orkney Mainland, facing the Atlantic Ocean, next stop Labrador! 

Sunrise in St Ola-1.jpg

St Ola

Sunrise just west of Kirkwall.

Ring of Brodgar-1.jpg

Ring of Brodgar

The world famous stone circle at the heart of Neolithic Orkney.


A beautiful, sandy beach on the shores of Scapa Flow, in the parish of Orphir, on the Orkney West Mainland.


North Shore, Birsay

Dramatic, coastal scenery, offering interesting walks and photo opportunities.



Great coastal scenery on the island of South Ronaldsay, connected to the Mainland by the Churchill barriers.


Brough of Deerness

Great coastal scenery in the East Mainland.